Pearson's Crystal Data Software

Dear User,

*) Pearson's Crystal Data Software is available in one system at Digital Library, Annex Building.

Steps to Install in your laptop

*) Users are requested to download the Zipped software in their laptop from the download link mentioned below.

*) Unzip the downloaded package in a temporary folder

*) Then browse into the temporary folder and double click on setup.exe file. This will install the "Pearson's Crystal Data Software"

*) After finishing the installation, please visit our Digital Library along with your laptop to get further assistance regarding "Activation License" or email us from your institutional email id.

For more details you may contact

Mr. Samrat Guha Roy, Assistant Librarian

Digital Library Section, Annex Building. Ph: 03222 282468

email: "Mr. Samrat Guha Roy" | "Mr. Kaustav Saha"

Download Link