The purpose of a book requisition form is to provide a clear record of the books requested, the quantity of each book titles etc. This information is then used to order the books. Please click to download the form.

VR facility enables the students to access a wide range of virtual reality educational content, including videos, interactive activities, simulations, and more. Students may develop their own VR content and test them.

Central Library IIT Kharagpur has quite a number of absolutely unique printed books that are digitize for online access. Users are requested to send a request only for academic usage and research work.

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Document delivery (DD) is a library service which collects soft-copy of the book chapters or journal articles as required by our users and then emails them to the concerned user.

If you still can't find a book, please feel free to ask us for help. Also, you can apply for "Book Not Found Service" in the circulation Counter or register here online.

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Digital Library offer different types of reference and referral services, instructional services, added value services and promotional services.

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The short, paragraph-sized abstracts of all PhD Theses are compiled together and published annually by the digital library section.

Recent faculty publications (Books) are listed in the portal, demonstrating the breadth of expertise and research in the various subject areas.

Some library books has accompanying supplemental material like CD-ROM, DVD, or another medium. Please register to acquire a copy of the material.