Welcome to Technical Processing Section

Location : Third Floor of Tower. Take the Steel Staircase and follow the steps beyond Hall 5 entrance.

Technical Processing Section plays a key role to function the library. It makes a bridge between the acquisition of documents to the Circulation. The Technical Processing Section of IIT Kharagpur Central Library also plays a vital role to run the functioning of this library services smoothly.

Technical Processing Work Flow Diagram

  1. Classification of books following DDC latest edition (presently using 22nd ed.). Before consult DDC, we check our database and provide the earlier class number in case of same title if found.
  2. Cataloguing of books following AACR-II.
  3. Prepare Subject Heading following Library of Congress Subject Heading.
  4. Preparing / Update Database using Libsys 4.0 software.
  5. Generating Bar-Code using Libsys 4.0 software.
  6. Classify books as General, TBL, SC/ST, Gallery, Reference etc.
  7. Update database for the classified books also for Binding, Lost Books etc. Stamping and labeling barcode, spine-label.
  8. Generate list of new arrival of books which includes bibliographic details including Abstract.
  9. Put hardcopy of new arrivals into display board (weekly). Simultaneously those books are kept for 'New Arrival' Display. During that week we restrict those books for any issue through Libsys database.
  10. New arrivals with bibliographic details are updated on website. (weekly displayed). 
  11. Maintain archive for all books processed and shelved since the year 2004. This archive can be accessed by clicking Here.
  12. Send this list to the IIT Kharagpur community through g-mail (weekly).
  13. Send all books for Circulation to the users (weekly).
  14. Ph.D Theses Uploaded to IDR. (weekly displayed). 


For enquiry about Technical Processing Section

Contact: Mr Hemanta Kumar Biswal , Assistant Librarian

Phone: 03222 - 282466 (O) Email : hbiswal@library.iitkgp.ac.in