Biotech 2000

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Biotechnology - Biotech 2000

End Spring Semester

BS344004 Bioreactor Analysis and Design ES2000 File:BS344004 Bioreactor Analysis and Design ES 2000.pdf

BS346002 Biotechnology of Plant Metabolites ES2000 File:BS346002 Biotechnology of Plant Metabolites ES 2000.pdf

BS344002 Downstream Processing ES2000 File:BS344002 Downstream Processing ES 2000.pdf

BS343002 Industrial Microbilogy and Enzyme Technology ES2000 File:BS343002 Industrial Microbilogy and Enzyme Technology ES 2000.pdf

BS342002 Microbiology ES2000 File:BS342002 Microbiology ES 2000.pdf

BS346024 Protein Engineering ES2000 File:BS346024 Protein Engineering ES 2000.pdf