Civil 2000

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Department of Civil Engg - Chem 2000

Mid Autumn Semester

CE163001 Building Materials and Construction MS2000 File:CE163001 Building Materials and Construction MS 2000.pdf

End Autumn Semester

CE163011 Building Services EA2000 File:CE163011 Building Services EA 2000.pdf

CE164005 Foundation Engineering EA2000 File:CE164005 Foundation Engineering EA 2000.pdf

CE163003 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines EA2000 File:CE163003 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines EA 2000.pdf

CE162003 Stuctural Analysis I EA2000 File:CE162003 Stuctural Analysis I EA 2000.pdf

CE162001 Surveying EA2000 File:CE162001 Surveying EA 2000.pdf

CE164007 Transportation Engineering II EA2000 File:CE164007 Transportation Engineering II EA 2000.pdf

CE164019 Urban Highway Designand Transport Planning EA2000 File:CE164019 Urban Highway Designand Transport Planning EA 2000.pdf

CE164001 Water Resources Engineering EA2000 File:CE164001 Water Resources Engineering EA 2000.pdf

CE163005 Water and Waste Water Engineering EA2000 File:CE163005 Water and Waste Water Engineering EA 2000.pdf