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Computer Science and Engineering - CS 2000

Mid Autumn Semester

CS172001 Programming and Data Structure MA2000 File:CS172001 Programming and Data Structure MA 2000.pdf

End Autumn Semester

CS584001 Principles of Reliability Engineering EA2000 File:CS584001 Principles of Reliability Engineering EA 2000.pdf

CS193001 Analogue Communications EA2000 File:CS193001 Analogue Communications EA 2000.pdf

CS173003 Compiler Design EA2000 File:CS173003 Compiler Design EA 2000.pdf

CS173001 Computer Organisation and Architecture EA2000 File:CS173001 Computer Organisation and Architecture EA 2000.pdf

CS193013 Data Communication EA2000 File:CS193013 Data Communication EA 2000.pdf

CS174001 Database Management Systems EA2000 File:CS174001 Database Management Systems EA 2000.pdf

CS174009 Digital Image Processing EA2000 File:CS174009 Digital Image Processing EA 2000.pdf

CS193007 Electromagnetic Theory EA2000-2001 File:CS193007 Electromagnetic Theory EA 2000-2001.pdf

CS192001 Networks EA2000 File:CS192001 Networks EA 2000.pdf

CS193015 Pulse and Digital Circuits EA2000 File:CS193015 Pulse and Digital Circuits EA 2000.pdf

Mid Spring Semester

CS172006 Discrete Structures MS2000-2001 File:CS172006 Discrete Structures MS 2000-2001.pdf

CS173005 Formal Tdttgt1ages and Automata Theory MS2000 File:CS173005 Formal Tdttgt1ages and Automata Theory MS 2000.pdf

CS192005 Linear Circuits MS2000-2001 File:CS192005 Linear Circuits MS 2000-2001.pdf

End Spring Semester

CS17642 Computational Complexity ES2000 File:CS17642 Computational Complexity ES 2000.pdf

CS193003 Constant System Engineering ES2000 File:CS193003 Constant System Engineering ES 2000.pdf

CS17602 Database Engineering ES2000-2001 File:CS17602 Database Engineering ES 2000-2001.pdf

CS17630 Multimedia Systems ES2000-2001 File:CS17630 Multimedia Systems ES 2000-2001.pdf

CS17640 CS17020 Real Time Systems ES2000-2001 File:CS17640 CS17020 Real Time Systems ES 2000-2001.pdf