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Computer Science and Engineering - CS 2018

Mid Spring Semester

CS10001 Programming and Data Structures MS2018 File:CS10001 Programming and Data Structures MS 2018.pdf

CS20006 Software Engineering MS2018 File:CS20006 Software Engineering MS 2018.pdf

CS21002 Switching Circuits and Logic Design MS2018 File:CS21002 Switching Circuits and Logic Design MS 2018.pdf

CS21003 Algorithms I MS2018 File:CS21003 Algorithms I MS 2018.pdf

CS31702 Computer Architecture and Operating System MS2018 File:CS31702 Computer Architecture and Operating System MS 2018.pdf

CS40032 Principles of Programming Languages MS2018 File:CS40032 Principles of Programming Languages MS 2018.pdf

CS43002 Database Management Systems MS2018 File:CS43002 Database Management Systems MS 2018.pdf

CS60002 Operating Systems MS2018 File:CS60002 Operating Systems MS 2018.pdf

CS60003 High Performance Computer Architecture MS2018 File:CS60003 High Performance Computer Architecture MS 2018.pdf

CS60010 Deep Learning MS2018 File:CS60010 Deep Learning MS 2018.pdf

CS60050 Machine Learning MS2018 File:CS60050 Machine Learning MS 2018.pdf

CS60073 Advance Machine Learning MS2018 File:CS60073 Advance Machine Learning MS 2018.pdf

CS60092 Information Retrival MS2018 File:CS60092 Information Retrival MS 2018.pdf