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Geology and Geophysics - GG 2001

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

GG215006 Advanced Geophysical Prospecting MS2000 File:GG215006 Advanced Geophysical Prospecting MS 2000.pdf

GG224006 Advanced Stratigrphy MS2000 File:GG224006 Advanced Stratigrphy EA 2000.pdf

End Spring Semester

GG224014 Computer Application in Earth Science ES2000 File:GG224014 Computer Application in Earth Science ES 2000.pdf

GG214004 Electrical and EM methods II ES2000 File:GG214004 Electrical and EM methods II ES 2000.pdf

GG225006 Engineering Geology ES2000 File:GG225006 Engineering Geology ES 2000.pdf

GG212001 General Geophysics I ES2000 File:GG212001 General Geophysics I ES 2000.pdf

GG225004 Geochemistry and Planetary Scinces ES2000 File:GG225004 Geochemistry and Planetary Scinces ES 2000.pdf

GG223002 Geology of India ES2000 File:GG223002 Geology of India ES 2000.pdf

GG214006 Geophysical Signal Processing ES2000 File:GG214006 Geophysical Signal Processing ES 2000.pdf

GG215002 Gravity and Magnetic methods II ES2000 File:GG215002 Gravity and Magnetic methods II ES 2000.pdf

GG224002 Igneoous Petrology ES2000 File:GG224002 Igneoous Petrology ES 2000.pdf

GG215008 Marine Geophysics ES2000 File:GG215008 Marine Geophysics ES 2000.pdf

GG224004 Metamorphic Petrology ES2000 File:GG224004 Metamorphic Petrology ES 2000.pdf

GG325008 Mineral Exploration ES2000 File:GG325008 Mineral Exploration ES 2000.pdf

GG252018 Numerical Methods ES2000 File:GG252018 Numerical Methods ES 2000.pdf

GG222004 Optical Minerology ES2000 File:GG222004 Optical Minerology ES 2000.pdf

GG224008 Ore Genesis ES2000 File:GG224008 Ore Genesis ES 2000.pdf

GG222002 Paleontology I ES2000 File:GG222002 Paleontology I ES 2000.pdf

GG223012 Paleontology II ES2000 File:GG223012 Paleontology II ES 2000.pdf

GG214008 Seismic Prospecting II ES2000 File:GG214008 Seismic Prospecting II ES 2000.pdf

GG222006 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation ES2000 File:GG222006 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation ES 2000.pdf

GG214002 Theory of Fields II ES2000 File:GG214002 Theory of Fields II ES 2000.pdf

GG225012 Visual and Digital Remote Sensing ES2000 File:GG225012 Visual and Digital Remote Sensing ES 2000.pdf

GG215004 Well Logging II ES2000 File:GG215004 Well Logging II ES 2000.pdf