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Humanities and Social Sciences - HS 2012

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

HS50018 Fixed Income Securities ES2012 File:HS50018 Fixed Income Securities ES 2012.pdf

HS00001 Preparatory English ES2012 File:HS00001 Preparatory English ES 2012.pdf

HS5000 Planning Techniques ES2012 File:HS5000 Planning Techniques ES 2012.pdf

HS13001 English for Communication ES2012 File:HS13001 English for Communication ES 2012.pdf

HS20001 Economics ES2012 File:HS20001 Economics ES 2012.pdf

HS20004 Positive Psychology ES2012 File:HS20004 Positive Psychology ES 2012.pdf

HS20006 Micro economics II ES2012 File:HS20006 Micro economics II ES 2012.pdf

HS20009 Development Economics ES2012 File:HS20009 Development Economics ES 2012.pdf

HS30057 Suc of Economic Dev ES2012 File:HS30057 Suc of Economic Dev ES 2012.pdf

HS30067 Art of Communication ES2012 File:HS30067 Art of Communication ES 2012.pdf

HS30070 Introduction to Ethics ES2012 File:HS30070 Introduction to Ethics ES 2012.pdf

HS30072 Environmental Economics ES2012 File:HS30072 Environmental Economics ES 2012.pdf

HS30075 Modernization & Creative Communication ES2012 File:HS30075 Modernization & Creative Communication ES 2012.pdf

HS30080 History of Economic Thought ES2012 File:HS30080 History of Economic Thought ES 2012.pdf

HS30095 Comparative Development Perspective ES2012 File:HS30095 Comparative Development Perspective ES 2012.pdf

HS31082 Monetary Economics ES2012 File:HS31082 Monetary Economics ES 2012.pdf

HS40072 Sociology of Science ES2012 File:HS40072 Sociology of Science ES 2012.pdf

HS41002 Econometric Analysis ES2012 File:HS41002 Econometric Analysis ES 2012.pdf

HS50002 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics ES2012 File:HS50002 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics ES 2012.pdf

HS300058 Industrialization and Social Change ES2012 File:HS300058 Industrialization and Social Change ES 2012.pdf