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Department of Industrial and Systems Engg - Industrial 2016

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

IM60054 E-Businesss ES2016 File:IM60054 E-Businesss ES 2016.pdf
IM31010 Management of Inventory Systems ES2016 File:IM31010 Management of Inventory Systems ES 2016.pdf
IM21006 Operations Research-II ES2016 File:IM21006 Operations Research-II ES 2016.pdf
IM41082 Operations Research ES2016 File:IM41082 Operations Research ES 2016.pdf
IM31012 Optimization and Heuristic Method ES2016 File:IM31012 Optimization and Heuristic Method ES 2016.pdf
IM21002 Production Design and Process Planning ES2016 File:IM21002 Production Design and Process Planning ES 2016.pdf
IM31002 Quality Engineering ES2016 File:IM31002 Quality Engineering ES 2016.pdf
IM61020 Safety Analytic ES2016 File:IM61020 Safety Analytic ES 2016.pdf
IM60062 Six Sigma Fundamentals & Applications ES2016 File:IM60062 Six Sigma Fundamentals & Applications ES 2016.pdf
IM21008 Work System Design ES2016 File:IM21008 Work System Design ES 2016.pdf