Aero 2009

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Aerospace Engineering - Aero 2009

Mid Autumn Semester

AE31005 Aerospace Structural Analysis MA2009 File:AE31005 Aerospace Structural Analysis MA 2009.pdf

AE51003 Applied Elasticity and Plasticity MA2009 File:AE51003 Applied Elasticity and Plasticity MA 2009.pdf

AE40021 Composite Structures MA2009 File:AE40021 Composite Structures MA 2009.pdf

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

AE31006 Computer Application in Aerospace Engineering ES2009 File:AE31006 Computer Application in Aerospace Engineering ES 2009.pdf

AR22002 Environmental Studies ES2009 File:AR22002 Environmental Studies ES 2009.pdf

AR32010 Ergonomics and Product Design ES2009 File:AR32010 Ergonomics and Product Design ES 2009.pdf