Aero 2010

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Aerospace Engineering - Aero 2010

Mid Autumn Semester

AE60003 Aerodynamics MA2010 File:AE60003 Aerodynamics MA 2010.pdf

AE31009 Aerospace Structural Analysis MA2010 File:AE31009 Aerospace Structural Analysis MA 2010.pdf

AE60005 Aerospace Structures MA2010 File:AE60005 Aerospace Structures MA 2010.pdf

AE40027 Aerospace Structures MA2010 File:AE40027 Aerospace Structures MA 2010.pdf

AE60005 Aircraft Propulsion MA2010 File:AE60005 Aircraft Propulsion MA 2010.pdf

AE40001 Computational Aerodynamics MA2010File:AE40001 Computational Aerodynamics MA 2010.pdf

AE21003 Dynamics for Aerospace Engineers MA2010 File:AE21003 Dynamics for Aerospace Engineers MA 2010.pdf

AE31103 High Speed Aerodynamics MA2010 File:AE31103 High Speed Aerodynamics MA 2010.pdf

AE21001 Introduction to Aerodynamics MA2010 File:AE21001 Introduction to Aerodynamics MA 2010.pdf

AE40023 Introduction to Avionics MA2010 File:AE40023 Introduction to Avionics MA 2010.pdf

AE60007 Mechanics of Flight MA2010 File:AE60007 Mechanics of Flight MA 2010.pdf

AE51019 Smart Structures MA2010File:AE51019 Smart Structures MA 2010.pdf

AE31001 Thermodynamics and Aerospace MA2010 File:AE31001 Thermodynamics and Aerospace MA 2010.pdf

AE51005 Unsteady Aerodynamics MA2010 File:AE51005 Unsteady Aerodynamics MA 2010.pdf

AE24008 Advanced Flight Mechanics MA2010 File:AE24008 Advanced Flight Mechanics MA 2010.pdf

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester