Agfe 2018

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Agriculture and Food Engineering - AGFE 2018

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

AG31002 TRactor & Power System File:AG31002 Tractor & Power System.pdf

AG31006 Food Science Technology File:AG31006 Food Science & Technology.pdf

AG31008 Post Harvest Engineering File:AG31008 Post Harvest Engineering-ms2018.pdf

AG31026 Organic Food Chain Management File:AG31026 Organic Food Chain Management.pdf

AG40006 Dairy Process Engineering File:AG40006 Dairy Process Engineering.pdf

AG40018 Industrial Processing of Foods & Beverages File:AG40018 Industrial Processing of Foods & Beverages.pdf

AG60002 Alternative Energy Source File:AG60002 Alternative Energy Source.pdf

AG60004 Tractor System Design-II File:AG60004 Tractor System Design-II.pdf

AG60008 Digital Soil Mapping File:AG60008 Digital Soil Mapping.pdf

AG60010 Food Process & Products Technology File:AG60010 Food Process & Products Technology.pdf

AG60032 Crop Breeding & Biotechnological Applications File:AG60032 Crop Breeding & Biotechnological Applications.pdf

AG60042 Water Resources System Analysis File:AG60042 Water Resources System Analysis.pdf

AG60046 Food Biotechnology File:AG60046 Food Biotechnology.pdf

AG60054 Design of Aquacultural Facilities and Equipment File:AG60054 Design of Aquacultural Facilities and Equipment.pdf

AG60056 Planning and Design of Aquacultural Farms File:AG60056 Planning and Design of Aquacultural Farms.pdf

AG60062 Management & Productivity File:AG60062 Management & Productivity.pdf

AG60064 System Approach in Agriculture File:AG60064 System Approach in Agriculture.pdf

AG60082 Instrumentation and Research Technology File:AG60082 Instrumentation and Research Technology.pdf

AG60092 Soil Plant Water Relationship File:AG60092 Soil Plant Water Relationship.pdf

AG60096 Food Plant & Equipment Design File:AG60096 Food Plant & Equipment Design.pdf

AG60100 Mass Transfer Operation in Food Processing File:AG60100 Mass Transfer Operation in Food Processing.pdf

AG60102 Tractor Ergonomics File:AG60102 Tractor Ergonomics.pdf

AG60104 On-Farm Water Management File:AG60104 On-Farm Water Management.pdf

AG60108 Advance Aquaculture Technology File:AG60108 Advance Aquaculture Technology.pdf

AG60114 Processing & Preservation of Aquacultural Products File:AG60114 Processing & Preservation of Aquacultural Products.pdf

AG60124 Food Handling & Packaging File:AG60124 Food Handling & Packaging.pdf

AG60124 Food Process Modeling File:AG60124 Food Process Modeling.pdf

AG60132 Pharmacognosy and Metabolic Engineering File:AG60132 Pharmacognosy and Metabolic Engineering.pdf

AG60148 Instrumentation and Control in Food Industries File:AG60148 Instrumentation and Control in Food Industries.pdf

AG60170 Modeling and Simulation for Agricultural Water Management File:AG60170 Modeling and Simulation for Agricultural Water Management.pdf

AG60302 Advance Thermal Operation in Food in Processing File:AG60302 Advance Thermal Operation in Food in Processing.pdf

End Spring Semester