Gg 2003

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Geology and Geophysics - GG 2003

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

GG215001 Grav. and Methods I EA2003 File:GG215001 Grav. and Methods I EA 2003.pdf

GG215003 Well-Logging I EA2003 File:GG215003 Well-Logging I EA 2003.pdf

GG215005 Invertion of Geophysical Data EA2003 File:GG215005 Invertion of Geophysical Data EA 2003.pdf

GG215019 Remot Sensing in Geophysics EA2003 File:GG215019 Remot Sensing in Geophysics EA 2003.pdf

GG225007 Groundwater Geology EA2003 File:GG225007 Groundwater Geology EA 2003.pdf

GG225019 Marine Geology EA2003 File:GG225019 Marine Geology EA 2003.pdf

GG Economic Mineral Diposit EA2003 File:GG Economic Mineral Diposit EA 2003.pdf

EX30006 Gravity and Magnetic Methods of Prospecting ES2003 File:EX30006 Gravity and Magnetic Methods of Prospecting ES 2003.pdf