Gg 2010

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Geology and Geophysics - GG 2010

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

EX60001 Advanced Techniques in Mine Exploration ES2010 File:EX60001 Advanced Techniques in Mine Exploration ES 2010.pdf

GG50010 Applied Micropaleontology ES2010 File:GG50010 Applied Micropaleontology ES 2010.pdf

GG40012 Applied Paleontology ES2010 File:GG40012 Applied Paleontology ES 2010.pdf

GG41002 Computer Application in Geology ES2010 File:GG41002 Computer Application in Geology ES 2010.pdf

EX41002 EM Methods of Prospecting ES2010 File:EX41002 EM Methods of Prospecting ES 2010.pdf

GG30002 Geology and Geophysics ES2010 File:GG30002 Geology and Geophysics ES 2010.pdf

EX30008 EX40002 Geophysical Signal Processing ES2010 File:EX30008 EX40002 Geophysical Signal Processing ES 2010.pdf

EX31006 EX43008 Gravity and Magnetic Methods of Prospecting ES2010 File:EX31006 EX43008 Gravity and Magnetic Methods of Prospecting ES 2010.pdf

GG40014 Metamorphic Phase Equilibria ES2010 File:GG40014 Metamorphic Phase Equilibria ES 2010.pdf

GG31002 Metamorphic Petrology ES2010 File:GG31002 Metamorphic Petrology ES 2010.pdf

EX41004 Nuclear Geophysics ES2010 File:EX41004 Nuclear Geophysics ES 2010.pdf

EX60001 Adv Techniques in min Exploration ES2010 File:EX60001 Adv Techniques in min Exploration ES 2010.pdf

GG20003 Paleontology and Stratigraphy ES2010 File:GG20003 Paleontology and Stratigraphy ES 2010.pdf

EX20002 Physics of Solid Earth ES2010 File:EX20002 Physics of Solid Earth ES 2010.pdf

GG31008 Sedimentalogy ES2010 File:GG31008 Sedimentalogy ES 2010.pdf

GG43002 Sedimentary Petrology ES2010 File:GG43002 Sedimentary Petrology ES 2010.pdf

GG40004 Sequence Stratigraphy ES2010 File:GG40004 Sequence Stratigraphy ES 2010.pdf

GG30002 Stratigraphy ES2010 File:GG30002 Stratigraphy ES 2010.pdf

EX52002 Tactonics and Geodynamics ES2010 File:EX52002 Tactonics and Geodynamics ES 2010.pdf

GG20002 Thermodyanamics of Geological Systems ES2010 File:GG20002 Thermodyanamics of Geological Systems ES 2010.pdf