Hs 2016

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Humanities and Social Sciences - HS 2016

Mid Autumn Semester

HS00001 Preparatory English MA2016 File:HS00001 Preparatory English MA 2016.pdf

HS20001 Economics MA2016 File:HS20001 Economics MA 2016.pdf

HS20002 General Psychology MA2016 File:HS20002 General Psychology MA 2016.pdf

HS20003 Statistics for Economics MA2016 File:HS20003 Statistics for Economics MA 2016.pdf

HS20005 Microeconomics I MA2016 File:HS20005 Microeconomics I MA 2016.pdf

HS30003 Sociology of Architecture MA2016 File:HS30003 Sociology of Architecture MA 2016.pdf

HS30036 Intercultural Communication MA2016 File:HS30036 Intercultural Communication MA 2016.pdf

End Autumn Semester

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester