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HS2006 Microeconomics II MS2017 [[File:HS2006_Microeconomics_II_MS_2017.pdf]] <br/>
HS2006 Microeconomics II MS2017 [[File:HS2006_Microeconomics_II_MS_2017.pdf]] <br/>
HS30002 Comparative Development Prespective MS2017 [[File:HS30002_Comparative_Development_Prespective_MS_2017.pdf]] <br/>
<u><b>End Spring Semester </b></u>
<u><b>End Spring Semester </b></u>

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Humanities and Social Sciences - HS 2017

Mid Autumn Semester

HS13001 English for Communication MA2017 File:HS13001 English for Communication MA 2017.pdf

Mid Spring Semester

HS10001 Preparatory English MS2017 File:HS10001 Preparatory English MS 2017.pdf

HS20001 Economics MS2017 File:HS20001 Economics MS 2017.pdf

HS20002 General Psychology MS2017 File:HS20002 General Psychology MS 2017.pdf

HS20008 Macroeconomics II MS2017 File:HS20008 Macroeconomics II MS 2017.pdf

HS20009 Development Economics MS2017 File:HS20009 Development Economics MS 2017.pdf

HS2006 Microeconomics II MS2017 File:HS2006 Microeconomics II MS 2017.pdf

HS30002 Comparative Development Prespective MS2017 File:HS30002 Comparative Development Prespective MS 2017.pdf

End Spring Semester

HS00002 Preparatory English ES2017 File:HS00002 Preparatory English ES 2017.pdf

HS13001 English for Communication ES2017 File:HS13001 English for Communication ES 2017.pdf

HS20001 Economics ES2017 File:HS20001 Economics ES 2017.pdf

HS20002 General Psychology ES2017 File:HS20002 General Psychology ES 2017.pdf

HS20006 Microeconomics II ES2017 File:HS20006 Microeconomics II ES 2017.pdf

HS20008 Macroeconomics II ES2017 File:HS20008 Macroeconomics II ES 2017.pdf

HS30002 Comparative Development Perspective ES2017 File:HS30002 Comparative Development Perspective ES 2017.pdf

HS30034 Managerial Economics ES2017 File:HS30034 Managerial Economics ES 2017.pdf

HS30047 French ES2017 File:HS30047 French ES 2017.pdf

HS30048 German ES2017 File:HS30048 German ES 2017.pdf

HS31082 Monetary Economics ES2017 File:HS31082 Monetary Economics ES 2017.pdf

HS40078 International Trade ES2017 File:HS40078 International Trade ES 2017.pdf

HS41002 Econometric Analysis I ES2017 File:HS41002 Econometric Analysis I ES 2017.pdf

HS41004 Banking Theory and Practice ES2017 File:HS41004 Banking Theory and Practice ES 2017.pdf

HS51637 Society Science and Technology ES2017 File:HS51637 Society Science and Technology ES 2017.pdf

HS60009 Financial Management ES2017 File:HS60009 Financial Management ES 2017.pdf

HS60012 Research Methodology ES2017 File:HS60012 Research Methodology ES 2017.pdf

HS63002 English for Technical Writing ES2017 File:HS63002 English for Technical Writing ES 2017.pdf

HSS20009 Development Economics ES2017 File:HSS20009 Development Economics ES 2017.pdf

HSS30074 Science and Humanism ES2017 File:HSS30074 Science and Humanism ES 2017.pdf