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HS30036 Intercultural Communication EA2018 [[File:HS30036_Intercultural_Communication_EA_2018.pdf]] <br/>
HS30036 Intercultural Communication EA2018 [[File:HS30036_Intercultural_Communication_EA_2018.pdf]] <br/>
HS30037 Petroleum Economics and Management EA2018 [[File:HS30037_Petroleum_Economics_and_Management_EA_2018.pdf]] <br/>

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Humanities and Social Sciences - HS 2018

Mid Autumn Semester

HS13001 English for Communication MA2018 File:HS13001 English for Communication MA 2018.pdf

HS30036 Intercultural Communication MA2018 File:HS30036 Intercultural Communication MA 2018.pdf

HS20001 Economics MA2018 File:HS20001 Economics MA 2018.pdf

HS20002 General Psychology MA2018 File:HS20002 General Psychology MA 2018.pdf

HS20003 Statistics for Economics MA2018 File:HS20003 Statistics for Economics MA 2018.pdf

HS20004 Positive Psychology MA2018 File:HS20004 Positive Psychology MA 2018.pdf

HS20005 Microeconomics-I MA2018 File:HS20005 Microeconomics-I MA 2018.pdf

HS20007 MAcro Economics I MA2018 File:HS20007 MAcro Economics I MA 2018.pdf

HS20016 Environmental Humanities MA2018 File:HS20016 Environmental Humanities MA 2018.pdf

HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage MA2018 File:HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage MA 2018.pdf

HS30003 Sociology of Architecture MA2018 File:HS30003 Sociology of Architecture MA 2018.pdf

HS30037 Petroleum Economics and Management MA2018 File:HS30037 Petroleum Economics and Management MA 2018.pdf

HS30050 Socio Technical Interventions for Aging Societies MA2018 File:HS30050 Socio Technical Interventions for Aging Societies MA 2018.pdf

HS30068 Symbolic Logic MA2018 File:HS30068 Symbolic Logic MA 2018.pdf

HS30071 Applied Organizational Psychology MA2018 File:HS30071 Applied Organizational Psychology MA 2018.pdf

HS30074 Science and Humanism MA2018 File:HS30074 Science and Humanism MA 2018.pdf

HS30075 Modernization and Creative Communication MA2018 File:HS30075 Modernization and Creative Communication MA 2018.pdf

HS30079 Public Finance and Policy MA2018 File:HS30079 Public Finance and Policy MA 2018.pdf

HS30085 Indian Economy MA2018 File:HS30085 Indian Economy MA 2018.pdf

HS30087 Economics of Growth MA2018 File:HS30087 Economics of Growth MA 2018.pdf

HS30097 Financial Institutions and Markets MA2018 File:HS30097 Financial Institutions and Markets MA 2018.pdf

HS30103 Economics of Health MA2018 File:HS30103 Economics of Health MA 2018.pdf

HS31072 Environmental Economics MA2018 File:HS31072 Environmental Economics MA 2018.pdf

HS40007 Econometric Anlysis-II MA2018 File:HS40007 Econometric Anlysis-II MA 2018.pdf

HS40091 Derivatives MA2018 File:HS40091 Derivatives MA 2018.pdf

HS40092 Economics of Regulations MA2018 File:HS40092 Economics of Regulations MA 2018.pdf

HS40093 Institutional Economics MA2018 File:HS40093 Institutional Economics MA 2018.pdf

HS50001 Advanced Economic Theory MA2018 File:HS50001 Advanced Economic Theory MA 2018.pdf

HS50025 International Finance MA2018 File:HS50025 International Finance MA 2018.pdf

HS51002 Financial Econometrics MA2018 File:HS51002 Financial Econometrics MA 2018.pdf

HS51604 German MA2018 File:HS51604 German MA 2018.pdf

HS51637 Society Science and Technology MA2018 File:HS51637 Society Science and Technology MA 2018.pdf

HS60003 Business Economics MA2018 File:HS60003 Business Economics MA 2018.pdf

HS60005 Introduction to Indian Psychology MA2018 File:HS60005 Introduction to Indian Psychology MA 2018.pdf

HS60009 Financial Management MA2018 File:HS60009 Financial Management MA 2018.pdf

HS60024 Leadership MA2018 File:HS60024 Leadership MA 2018.pdf

HS60035 Organizational Structure and Dynamics MA2018File:HS60035 Organizational Structure and Dynamics MA 2018pdf.pdf

HS60039 Human Resource Development MA2018 File:HS60039 Human Resource Development MA 2018.pdf

HS60043 Individual and Group Dynamics MA2018 File:HS60043 Individual and Group Dynamics MA 2018.pdf

HS60063 Business Environment and Policy MA2018 File:HS60063 Business Environment and Policy MA 2018.pdf

HS60065 Change Management MA2018 File:HS60065 Change Management MA 2018.pdf

HS63002 English for Technical writing MA2018 File:HS63002 English for Technical writing MA 2018.pdf

HS69011 Environment and Wellness MA2018 File:HS69011 Environment and Wellness MA 2018.pdf

HS69013 Business Communication MA2018 File:HS69013 Business Communication MA 2018.pdf

End Autumn Semester

HS30075 Modernization and Creative Culture EA2018 File:HS30075 Modernization and Creative Culture EA 2018.pdf

HS50017 Equity Research EA2018 File:HS50017 Equity Research EA 2018.pdf

EV20001 Environmental Science Section-2 EA2018 File:EV20001 Environmental Science Section-2 EA 2018.pdf

EV20001 Environmental Science Section-1 EA2018 File:EV20001 Environmental Science Section 1 EA 2018.pdf

EV20001 Environmental Science Section 3 EA2018 File:EV20001 Environmental Science Section 3 EA 2018.pdf

EV20001 Environmental Science Section 5 EA2018 File:EV20001 Environmental Science Section 5 EA 2018.pdf

EV20001 Environmental Science Section 6 EA2018 File:EV20001 Environmental Science Section 6 EA 2018.pdf

HS00001 Preparatory English EA2018 File:HS00001 Preparatory English EA 2018.pdf

HS13001 English Communication EA2018 File:HS13001 English Communication EA 2018.pdf

HS20001 Economics EA2018 File:HS20001 Economics EA 2018.pdf

HS20002 General Psychology EA2018 File:HS20002 General Psychology EA 2018.pdf

HS20003 Statistics for Economics EA2018 File:HS20003 Statistics for Economics EA 2018.pdf

HS20004 Positive Psychology EA2018 File:HS20004 Positive Psychology EA 2018.pdf

HS20005 Microeconomics EA2018 File:HS20005 Microeconomics EA 2018.pdf

HS20016 Environmental Humanities EA2018 File:HS20016 Environmental Humanities EA 2018.pdf

HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage EA2018 File:HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage EA 2018.pdf

HS30003 Sociology of Architecture EA2018 File:HS30003 Sociology of Architecture EA 2018.pdf

HS300072 Environmental Economics EA2018 File:HS300072 Environmental Economics EA 2018.pdf

HS30036 Intercultural Communication EA2018 File:HS30036 Intercultural Communication EA 2018.pdf

HS30037 Petroleum Economics and Management EA2018 File:HS30037 Petroleum Economics and Management EA 2018.pdf

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester

HS30095 Globalization and Culture ES2018 File:GS30095 Globalization and Culture ES 2018.pdf

HS00001 Preparatory English ES 2018 File:HS00001 Preparatory English ES 2018.pdf

HS20001 Economics ES2018 File:HS20001 Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS13001 English for Communication ES2018 File:HS13001 English for Communication ES 2018.pdf

HS20002 Genral Psychology ES2018 File:HS20002 Genral Psychology ES 2018.pdf

HS20004 Positive psychology ES2018 File:HS20004 Positive psychology.ES 2018.pdf

HS20006 Microeconomics-II ES2018 File:HS20006 Microeconomics-II ES 2018.pdf

HS20008 Macro Economics ES2018 File:HS20008 Macro Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS20009 Development Economics ES2018 File:HS20009 Development Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS20014 Economics of Sustainable Development ES2018 File:HS20014 Economics of Sustainable Development ES 2018.pdf

HS20016 Environmental Humanities ES2018 File:HS20016 Environmental Humanities ES 2018.pdf

HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage ES2018 File:HS20018 Sanskrit and Heritage ES 2018.pdf

HS30002 Comperative Development Perspective ES2018 File:HS30002 Comperative Development Perspective ES 2018.pdf

HS30033 Econometric Analysis ES2018 File:HS30033 Econometric Analysis ES 2018.pdf

HS30047 French ES2018 File:HS30047 French ES 2018.pdf

HS30048 German ES2018 File:HS30048 German ES 2018.pdf

HS30070 Introduction to Ethics ES2018 File:HS30070 Introduction to Ethics ES 2018.pdf

HS30074 Science and Hygene ES2018 File:HS30074 Science and Hygene ES 2018.pdf

HS30096 Market Microstructure ES2018 File:HS30096 Market Microstructure ES 2018.pdf

HS31082 Monetary Economics ES2018 File:HS31082 Monetary Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS40072 Sociology of Science ES2018 File:HS40072 Sociology of Science ES 2018.pdf

HS40078 International Trade ES2018 File:HS40078 International Trade ES 2018.pdf

HS40085 Labour Economics ES2018 File:HS40085 Labour Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS41002 Econometric Analysis-I ES2018 File:HS41002 Econometric Analysis-I ES 2018.pdf

HS41004 Banking Theory and Practice ES2018 File:HS41004 Banking Theory and Practice ES 2018.pdf

HS50018 Fixed Income Securities ES2018 File:HS50018 Fixed Income Securities ES 2018.pdf

HS50020 Economics of Insurance ES2018 File:HS50020 Economics of Insurance ES 2018.pdf

HS50021 Applied Econometrics ES2018 File:HS50021 Applied Econometrics ES 2018.pdf

HS50030 General and Analysis ES2018 File:HS50030 General and Analysis ES 2018.pdf

HS51001 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives ES2018 File:HS51001 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives ES 2018.pdf

HS51637 Society Science and Technology ES2018 File:HS51637 Society Science and Technology ES 2018.pdf

HS60002 Manpower Economics ES2018 File:HS60002 Manpower Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS60008 Human Resourse Systems ES2018 File:HS60008 Human Resourse Systems ES 2018.pdf

HS60009 Financial Management ES2018 File:HS60009 Financial Management ES 2018.pdf

HS60010 Industrial Relations ES2018 File:HS60010 Industrial Relations ES 2018.pdf

HS60012 Research Methodology ES2018 File:HS60012 Research Methodology ES 2018.pdf

HS60016 Performance Management ES2018 File:HS60016 Performance Management ES 2018.pdf

HS60020 Mathematical Economics ES2018 File:HS60020 Mathematical Economics ES 2018.pdf

HS60046 Interpersonal Communication ES2018 File:HS60046 Interpersonal Communication ES 2018.pdf

HS60066 Business Society and Ethics ES2018 File:HS60066 Business Society and Ethics ES 2018.pdf

HS60070 Human Resourse information System ES2018 File:HS60070 Human Resourse information System ES 2018.pdf

HS60072 Knowledge Management ES2018 File:HS60072 Knowledge Management ES 2018.pdf

HS60074 Stragic Human Resourse4 Management ES2018 File:HS60074 Stragic Human Resourse4 Management ES 2018.pdf

HS60076 Compensation Management ES2018 File:HS60076 Compensation Management ES 2018.pdf

HS62004 Mesurement of Happiness ES2018 File:HS62004 Mesurement of Happiness ES 2018.pdf