MA 2018

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Mathematicss - MA 2018

MA20103 Partial Differential Equations MA2018 File:MA20103 Partial Differential Equations MA2018.pdf

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester

MA20103 Partial Differential Equations EA2018 File:MA20103 Partial Differential Equations EA2018.pdf

MA00001 Preparatory Mathematics I EA2018 File:MA00001 Preparatory Mathematics I EA 2018.pdf

MA20103 Partial Diffrential EA2018 File:MA20103 Partial Diffrential Equations 2018.pdf

MA20105 Linear Algebra EA2018 File:MA20105 Linear Algebra EA 2018.pdf

MA20107 Matrix Alzebra EA2018 File:MA20107 Matrix Alzebra EA 2018.pdf

MA21007 Design and Analysis of Algorithms EA2018 File:MA21007 Design and Analysis of Algorithms EA 2018.pdf

MA30003 MA41003 Linear Algebra EA2018 File:MA30003 MA41003 Linear Algebra EA 2018.pdf

MA31005 Real Analysis EA2018 File:MA31005 Real Analysis EA 2018.pdf

MA31007 Machematical Method 2018 File:MA31007 Machematical Method 2018.pdf

MA31009 Computer organisation and Architecture EA2018 File:MA31009 Computer organisation and Architecture EA 2018.pdf

MA31011 Object-Oriented Systems Design EA2018 File:MA31011 Object Oriented Systems Design 2018.pdf

MA31020 Regression and Series Model EA2018File:MA31020 Regression and Series Model MA 2018.pdf

MA40003 MA60003 Systems Programming EA2018 File:MA40003 MA60003 Systems Programming EA 2018.pdf

MA4001 MA51003 Fluid Mechanics EA2018 File:MA4001 MA51003 Fluid Mechanics EA 2018.pdf

MA41007 Functional Analysis EA2018 File:MA41007 Functional Analysis 2018.pdf

MA41021 MA60001 Programming languages EA2018 File:MA41021-MA60001 Programming languages EA 2018.pdf

MA41031 Stochastic Processes in Finance EA2018File:MA41031 Stochastic Processes in Finance 2018.pdf

MA51121 MA61003 MA60041 Graph Theory and Algorithms EA2018 File:MA51121 MA61003 MA60041 Graph Theory and Algorithms EA 2.pdf

MA60017 Statistical Methods EA2018File:MA60017 Statistical Methods 2018.pdf

MA60056 Regression and Time Series ModelFile:MA60056 Regression and Time Series Model.pdf

MA60061 Statistical Techniques and Computer Programming EA20File:MA60061 Statistical Techniques andComputer Programming EA 20.pdf

Mid Spring Semester

End Spring Semester