OENA 2010

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OENA - OENA 2010

<u>Mid Spring Semester

NA30009 and NA60014 computer aided marine design and production MS2010 File:NA30009 and NA60014 computer aided marine design and production MS 2010.pdf

NA60016 Dynamics of ocean vehicles MS2010 File:NA60016 Dynamics of ocean vehicles MS 2010.pdf

NA40028 fishing vessel technology MS2010 File:NA40028 fishing vessel technology MS 2010.pdf

NA60030 Hydroelasticity MS2010 File:NA60030 Hydroelasticity MS 2010.pdf

NA297017 marine design MS2010 File:NA297017 marine design MS 2010.pdf

NA40020 and NA60020 marine hydrodynamics MS2010 File:NA40020 and NA60020 marine hydrodynamics MS 2010.pdf

NA60022 ocean cir. and wave modeling MS2010 File:NA60022 ocean cir. and wave modeling MS 2010.pdf

NA60013 port and harbour engineering MS2010 File:NA60013 port and harbour engineering MS 2010.pdf

NA31006 seakeeping and maneuvering MS2010 File:NA31006 seakeeping and maneuvering MS 2010.pdf

NA21004 ship strength MS2010 File:NA21004 ship strength MS 2010.pdf

End Spring Semester

Mid Autumn Semester

End Autumn Semester