OENA 2012

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OENA - OENA 2012

<u>Mid Spring Semester

NA30004 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics MS2012 File:NA30004 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics MS 2012.pdf

NA31004 and NA60030 Computer Aided Marine design and production MS2012 File:NA31004 and NA60030 Computer Aided Marine design and production MS 2012.pdf

NA60002 Design and Construction of Ocean Structures MS2012 File:NA60002 Design and Construction of Ocean Structures MS 2012.pdf

NA60052 Dynamics of Ocean Vehicles MS2012 File:NA60052 Dynamics of Ocean Vehicles MS 2012.pdf

NA40024 High Performance Marine Vehicles MS2012 File:NA40024 High Performance Marine Vehicles MS 2012.pdf

NA60014 Hydroelasticity MS2012 File:NA60014 Hydroelasticity MS 2012.pdf

NA21001 Marine Hydrodynamics MS2012File:NA21001 Marine Hydrodynamics MS 2012.pdf

NA40010 and NA60038 Offshore Technology MS2012 File:NA40010 and NA60038 Offshore Technology MS 2012.pdf

NA60013 Port and Harbour Engineering MS2012 File:NA60013 Port and Harbour Engineering MS 2012.pdf

NA21004 SHIP STRENGTH MS2012 File:NA21004 SHIP STRENGTH MS 2012.pdf

NA31006 Seakeeping and Maneuvering MS2012 File:NA31006 Seakeeping and Maneuvering MS 2012.pdf

NA31002 Marine design MS2012 File:NA31002 Marine design MS 2012.pdf

Mid Autumn Semester


NA60006 Coastal Engineering MA2012 File:NA60006 Coastal Engineering MA 2012.pdf

NA60020 and NA40020 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics MA2012 File:NA60020 and NA40020 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics MA 2012.pdf

NA31001 Elements of Ocean Engineering MA2012 File:NA31001 Elements of Ocean Engineering MA 2012.pdf

NA60011 Marine Acoustics MA2012 File:NA60011 Marine Acoustics MA 2012.pdf

NA31003 Marine Production and Planning MA2012 File:NA31003 Marine Production and Planning MA 2012.pdf

NA60013 Mechanics of Floating Bodies MA2012 File:NA60013 Mechanics of Floating Bodies MA 2012.pdf

NA60003 Ocean Hydrodynamics MA2012 File:NA60003 Ocean Hydrodynamics MA 2012.pdf

NA60021 Physical and Dynamical Oceanography MA2012 File:NA60021 Physical and Dynamical Oceanography MA 2012.pdf

NA31005 Resistance and Propulsion MA2012 File:NA31005 Resistance and Propulsion MA 2012.pdf