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Dr. B. Sutradhar

Librarian, Central Library IIT Kharagpur, W.B, India


About Me

Dr. B. Sutradhar is working as Librarian at Central Library of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur which is one of the largest technical libraries in Asia. Dr. Sutradhar has currently working on Digital Library, Institutional Digital Repository, and Electronic Resource Management. Dr. Sutradhar has organized many National Conferences in Digital Libraries and also organized many workshops, short-term courses on Open Source Software for Library Management and Electronic Resource Management. He has also organized series of Technology Book Fair at IIT Kharagpur. He has more than 30 publications in international, National journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Sutradhar has supervised more then 40 projects on library automation; digital libraries and Institutional Repository to the professional trainees of the Central Library. He has edited two conference proceedings (i) Proceedings of the National Conference on Information Management in e-Libraries held during 26-27 February 2002 at IIT-Kharagpur. (ii) Proceedings of the National Conference in Information Management in Digital libraries held during 2-4 August 2006 at IIT Kharagpur. He has given more than 70 invited talks on Digital Libraries, Digitization, electronic Resource Management and Institutional Digital Repositories, metadata standards and structure in various National and international conferences, workshops and short term courses. He has visited many libraries in abroad. Dr. Sutradhar is the only librarian who promoted from Assistant Librarian to Deputy Librarian to Librarian in IIT Kharagpur. Photo Gallery

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