Book Fair Theme

While we expect the participating publishers and suppliers to bring textbooks and reference books in the areas of Science & Technology, Management, Medical Science, Social Sciences.

We urge publishers to bring books covered under IIT Kharagpurs Mission Programmes :
Mechanized Food Engineering , Complex Engineering Systems , Molecular Biotechnology, Disaster Mitigation and Management, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering, Biomedical Technology, Natural Resources Management, VLSI Design and Wireless Technology, Management & Control of Power Equipment and Systems, Photonics, Electronic Application in Human Endeavours, Nano-science and Nanotechnology, Rural Technology etc.

We also request the participating publishers for bringing books related to the works of Nobel Laureates, works of Celebrated Indian Scientists & Technologists and remarkable classics books on literature, fiction, philosophy, and books of interest for the childrens, who usually constitute a large part of the visitors to the book fair.