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Workshop Committee

Central Library, IIT Kharagpur
Prof. P.P. Chakrabarti, Director, IIT Kharagpur
Prof. S. Chattopadhyay, Chairman, Central Library
Workshop Coordinator
Dr. B. Sutradhar, Librarian, Central Library

Souvenir & Course Materials
1. Dr. B. Sutradhar— Convener
2. Dr. S. K. Jalal
3. Mr. U. Shankar
4. Mr. A. Nandi
5. Mr. A. K. Goswami
6. Mr. S. G. Roy
7. Mr. M. Manivannan
8. Mr. H. K. Biswal
9. Mr. P. T. N. Rao

Transportation & Accommodation
1. Mr. A. K. Goswami – Convener
2. Mr. J. C. Mandal
3. Mr. N. C. Mahato
4. Mr. L. Suresh
Registration & Reception
1. Mr. H. K. Biswal – Convener
2. Mr. U. Chakraborty
3. Mr. B. K. Sinha
4. Mr. K. Tapas
5. Ms G. Saha
1. Dr. S. K. Jalal – Convener
2. Mrs. R. Ghosh
3. Mr. P. T. N. Rao
4. Mr. S. K. Sharma
5. Mr. F. Singh
Accounts & Finance
1. Mr. A. Nandi — Convener
2. Dr. T. K. Ghosh
3. Mr. S. N. Bandyopadhyay
Website, Publicity & Correspondence
1. Mr. S. G. Roy — Convener
2. Mr. N. C. Mahato
3. Mr. I. Khan
Computer Services & Networking
1. Mr. M. Manivannan – Convener
2. Mr. I. Khan
3. Mr. K. Tapas
Food & Hospitality
1. Mr. U. Shankar – Convener
2. Dr. T. K. Ghosh
3. Mr. P. T. N. Rao
4. Mr. U. Chakraborty
5. Mr. N. C. Das

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Central Library
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
West Midnapore,
West Bengal,
India - 721302

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