Topic: Engineering mathematics

Computational Methods
Modern Formal Methods and Applications
An Introduction to Differential Geometry with Applications to Elasticity
Mechanics of Elastic Structures with Inclined Members Analysis of Vibration, Buckling and Bending of X-Braced Frames and Conical Shells /
Robustness of Statistical Methods and Nonparametric Statistics
Mechanics of the 21st Century Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Warsaw, Poland, 15–21 August 2004 /
Positive Operators
Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Engineering Models
Recent Advances in Formal Languages and Applications
Applied Predictive Control
Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms /
Spectral Method in Multiaxial Random Fatigue
Discrete-Time High Order Neural Control Trained with Kaiman Filtering /
Spectral and High Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations - ICOSAHOM 2012 Selected papers from the ICOSAHOM conference, June 25-29, 2012, Gammarth, Tunisia /
Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
Bifurcation Analysis Principles, Applications and Synthesis /
Computational Electromagnetics Proceedings of the GAMM Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics, Kiel, Germany, January 26–28, 2001 /
Recruitment Learning
Computational Intelligence Techniques for Bioprocess Modelling, Supervision and Control
Plasma-based Radar Cross Section Reduction