Mobility and Ancient Society in Asia and the Americas

Mobility and Ancient Society in Asia and the Americas contains contributions by leading international scholars concerning the character, timing, and geography of regional migrations that led to the dispersal of human societies from Inner and northeast Asia to the New World in the Upper Pleistocene (...

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Corporate Author: SpringerLink (Online service)
Other Authors: Frachetti, Michael David. (Editor), Spengler III, Robert N. (Editor)
Format: SpringerLink eBooks
Published: Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2015.
Edition:1st ed. 2015.
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Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction Michael D Frachetti and Robert N. Spengler III
  • Chapter 2: Nomadic Mobility, Migration, and Environmental Pressure in Eurasian Prehistory Michael D. Frachetti
  • Chapter 3: Early Human Expansion into Kazakhstan and Subsequent Paleolithic Migrations Zh. K.  Taimagambetov
  • Chapter 4: Tracing Human Movements from Siberia to the Americas: Insights from Genetic Studies Theodore Schurr
  • Chapter 5: Stemmed Points, the Coastal Migration Theory, and the Peopling of the Americas Jon M. Erlandson and Todd J. Braje
  • Chapter 6: The Initial Colonization of North America: Sea-Level Change, Shoreline Movement, and Great Migrations David G. Anderson and Thaddeus G. Bissett
  • Chapter 7: Early Asiatic Migration to the Americas: A View from South America Gustavo Politis, Luciano Prates and S. Ivan Perez
  • Chapter 8: Cranial Morphology of Early South Americans: Implications for Understanding Human Dispersion into the New World Mark Hubbe, Walter Neves and Katerina Harvati
  • Chapter 9: How America was Colonized: Linguistic Evidence Johanna Nichols
  • Chapter 10: Kinship, Demography, and Paleoindian Modes of Colonization: Some Western Canadian Perspectives John W. Ives
  • Chapter 11: The Problem of Settlement of the American Continent: Old and New Objectives and Approaches Galina Ershova
  • Chapter 12: Late Pleistocene Colonization of North America from Northeast Asia: New Insights from Large-scale Paleogeographic Reconstructions James E. Dixon
  • Chapter 13: The Third Wave: The Results of the First International Meeting on Great Migrations and the Bronze Age Expansion out of Southern Arabia Olzhas Suleimenov.