Hydrological problems and environmental management in highlands and headwaters /

This set of papers presents a description of the synthesis of hydrological problems and various environmental implications and management strategies for different highland and headwater regions of the world. Regions covered include the Himalayas, Russian mountains, Amazonia, and upland Wales.

Corporate Author: CRC Press.
Other Authors: Haigh, Martin J., 1950- (Editor)
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Published: Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, an imprint of Routledge, [2017].
Edition:First edition.
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Table of Contents:
  • chapter 1 Introduction to Hydrological Problems and Environmental Management in Highlands and Headwaters /
  • Martin J. Haigh
  • chapter 2 Headwater Ecosystems: Their Stability, Productivity, System Dynamics and the Role of Climate Change /
  • A. Hoc?evar
  • chapter 3 Challenges for Environmental Management in the Headwaters of the Western Himalaya: An Introduction /
  • G.S. Rajwar
  • chapter 4 Water Erosion and Sediment Yield in Mountain Areas: Natural Preconditions /
  • Anatoly F. Mandych
  • chapter 5 Soil Erosion and Regional Ecological Management in the Headwater Area of Eastern China?A Case Study in the Tianmu Mountains /
  • Jiang. Tong
  • chapter 6 Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport Depending on Land Use in the Watershed /
  • Stanimir C. Kostadinov
  • chapter 7 Sediment Transport in the Rivers of Central Albania /
  • Ramazan. Sarac�i
  • chapter 8 Soil Erosion Control in Hungary /
  • A�dam Kerte'sz
  • chapter 9 Field Studies on Sediment Transport and Debris Flows in Small Basins of the Italian Alps /
  • M.A. Lenzi
  • chapter 10 Deforestation of Amazonia: Global Climate Impacts /
  • Luiz. Carlos
  • chapter 11 Effects of Acid Atmospheric Deposition on Watersheds in Central Europe /
  • Josef. Kr?ec?ek
  • chapter 12 The Effect of Clear Cutting, Waste Wood Collecting and Site Preparation on the Nitrate Nitrogen Leaching to Groundwater /
  • Eero. Kubin
  • chapter 13 Modelling the Hydrological Controls on Aluminium Leaching in a Forest Soil Impacted by Acid Deposition in Upland Wales /
  • Chris. Soulsby
  • chapter 14 Air Pollution Deposition Variability in a Slovene Alpine Headwater as a Consequence of Topography and General Circulation Assessed by Theoretical Model /
  • T. Vrhovec
  • chapter 15 Two Headwater Lakes, a Centre of Research for Long Term Monitoring in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada /
  • Joseph J. Kerekes
  • chapter 16 Resource Management and Land Use Options in Mountain Watersheds: GIS Based Simulation Modelling /
  • H. Schreier.
  • chapter 17 Integration of Remote Sensing and Digital Terrain Models for Land Cover Classifications, Thematic Mapping and Regional Planning in Val Malenco (Italian Alps) /
  • Maria Luisa Paracchini
  • chapter 18 Problems of Headwater Management in the Central Himalaya /
  • Martin J. Haigh
  • chapter 19 Socioeconomic and Institutional Constraints on the Adoption of Soil Conservation Practices in the USA: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture /
  • Ted L. Napier.